Freitag, 1. Juli 2011

Age of Conan is free 2 play now!

Once again I want to inform you about a game which can now be enjoyed freely.

But wait, if you want to play it you have to live with some restrictions.

It seems that you have to buy a premium account to enjoy the whole game (~15 € for one month, ~36 € for 3, ~63 € for a half year and round about 99 € for one year).
Some features like the bank-slots can be bought as a free member as well in the now introduced item-shop.

I am of the opinion that it isn't enjoyable at all with all those limitiations. Three years ago, when the game was released, I have played it with friends for some days. However, it has not amused me that time, and probably won't nowadays.
Anyway, it is on you to decide whether you play this game now for free.
Testing it will probably amuse you, eventhough the fun lasts just for a few days.

official site